We would like to congratulate the Young Women of the Year Nominees for 2024!
We wish you all the best!

Let's get to know our 2024 Young Woman of The Year Nominees. (in no particular order)

Here are Naomi's present/future goals and special interests.

I chose to go into Biomedical Engineering for three reasons: my love for learning and problem-solving, my team-work skills and my desire to address healthcare challengers. Throughout high school, my strengths have always lied in my math and science classes that require hard work and additional thinking. In addition to that, I was interested in the materials that were taught in my biology and chemistry classes. Due to its interdisciplinary nature, the Biomed program at McMaster would allow me to continue to develop my problem-solving skills while combining engineering and healthcare. Furthermore, engineering is a discipline that requires collaborations. The sports and clubs that I have been involved in have taught me to work with others in order to reach a common goal. Teamwork is now a strength of mine and I believe that the greatest ideas come from collaboration. Lastly, I would love to contribute to addressing health care challenges. Biomedical engineers have contributed to life-changing medical practices that have directly impacted me. I would love to one day give back by contributing to the improvement of medical technology.
Thank you Naomi your dedication to hard work & collaboration is inspiring. Good Luck & we look forward to meeting you very soon.

Here is another one of the incredible 2024 Young Woman of The Year nominees Anna Holton.

Here is an overview of Anna's present/future goals and projects of special interest written by herself.

My current goals consist of earning the Principal's medal for the highest average at graduation and being accepted into Queen's University. My goals after graduation consist of attending a university to complete an undergraduate degree, attending medical school, completing a residency, and then becoming a working family physician.
My dream school is Queen's University and I would like to be accepted into their Health Sciences program. If I attend Queen's University I will be able t swim on their varsity swim team and compete a the university level, which is another goal of mine. This is important to me, as swimming is a significant aspect o my life. It has been a positive outlet for my mental and physical health. My back up school is Western University where I have been accepted into the Health Sciences and Kinesiology programs. After completing an undergraduate degree I will apply to medical school where I hope to be accepted. Following that, I will complete a residency program. Finally I would like to become a working family physician. This is my dream job as it will be rewarding to watch my patients grow up and I can be a part of their journey through life. Also, I love my family doctor, and it would mean the world to me if I would have the same impact on other people's lives as he has on mine.

Anna you are a very impressive young woman and we look forward to learning more about you in the weeks ahead. Good Luck!

Meet Eleanor (Elle) Waite 2024 YWOTY Nominee.
Here's a brief overview of her present/future goals, and projects of interest.

Elle's goals and dreams cover a mix of school, sports, and helping others. She wants to keep up a GPA greater than 3.5 while getting Her Bachelor's in Chemistry/Biochemistry at St. Lawrence
University in Canton, NY. After that, She hopes to go to grad school, potentially to become a pharmacist. On the sports side, She's aiming to do well enough in Nordic Skiing to make it to the
NCAA Championships by qualifying at Conference Championships. She also wants to set personal records in Track at the NCAA DIII level and even compete in international ski races and travel. She also wants to keep working with Special Olympics and help coach others while being an ambassador for brands like Rossignol and Rundle. In the end, she wants to come back to Simcoe County and work in the medical field, making a positive impact in her community.

Thank you Elle for all you are doing. Good Luck & we look forward to meeting you very soon.